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At fhg, we understand that to grow your business- it can take many partners. When we start out with WHY, we know that every day we start with a clear mission: a mission to support your growth. Our expertise and experience give us the confidence to tackle any challenge thrown at us.

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We turn your marketing plans into actions.


Infuse your CRM with the most accurate and actionable B2B commercial data. Data as a Service will help you build and polish a reliable database with targeted and accurate prospect information.

Lead Gen

Despite putting in immense efforts, most organizations struggle to generate high-quality leads for sellers to follow up on. Provide your reps with sales-ready leads from your targeted accounts based on your criteria and processes.

Social media ads

In the modern world social media advertising is a very powerful tool to grow your business. There are variety of paths to ensure your digital marketing and social ads budget is spent correctly.

Google ads

One of the quickest and effective ways of driving relevant, qualified traffic to your website exactly when people are searching for the types of products or services your business offers.

Website design & development

In the digital era, it's never been more critically important for a company's site to be compatible. Modern website allows all of your potential customers to navigate your website to key decision points in a seamless manner.


Search Engine Optimization is effective and a crucial aspect of any digital marketing strategy. The process of improving your website's quality and quantity optimizes unpaid content to making it as visible on Google searches as possible for your prospective and existing customers.



Hire 24/7 teams to clear the inbox as you need it.

Customer experience

Hire dedicated team members on a month to month basis. These agents onboard your customers with your processes, proactively reaching out to make the transition seamless.

Customer support

Easy way to scale and elevate customer experience. Hire agents on demand on a month to month basis to help with your backlogs and ensure satisfaction with your products and services.

Pay Per conversation

Flexible support built around your needs. Pay only when we close a conversation based on your criteria and processes.



Our five areas of expertise help you unleash the true power of Salesforce.


We provide consulting services to address and understand your unique business challenges, whether it’s automating complex business processes or connecting, integrating and streamlining systems.


Connect each application with your CRM platform so data can flow to, from, or between them. Integrating third-party tools allows you to host complete and accurate data from your business software to give you a complete picture of your business and customers.


Deploying new CRM technologies in your organization will only bring maximum positive effect if the user adoption is addressed early on.


Hire dedicated or on-demand Salesforce experts that will support your organization with day-to-day tasks so your team can focus on growing your business.

Data Hygiene

Inaccurate or out-of-date data is unhealthy – it can cost money, damage reputations and derail deals. The 4 steps to healthy data: Diagnose, Cleanse, Enrich and Add Data

1,548+ Projects

20Y Experience

34 Social Experts

14 Offices


We increase LTV and ROI metrics by offering
smart and creative approaches according to your goals, KPIs, and strategic plan.


Lead Gen, Data

"The prospecting process in general that FHG uses is impeccable. They are able to set highly qualified lead appointments for our sales team that had a conversation rate of over 97%. Just in the last four months, we doubled our pipeline. The SDRs truly seamlessly integrated with our organization and helped us build pipeline and grow our sales exponentially."

– Head of Marketing at Momentive

Brand Awareness, Social Media Management

"I was super impressed by both their design and their knowledge about the industry. Their work is truly superior to any other marketing website or agency. Being able to let them take charge of marketing execution allowed us to focus on more important tasks. Their own competencies and that of their partners make for a dynamic pair that is invaluable."

– Director of Marketing at KlipFolio

Customer Support, After Hours Support

"Amazingly fast and efficient customer support! From the beginning, the game plan is spelled out precisely, to the solid execution- these guys really know the ins and out of the industry. They answered all our requests and concerns. As a first-time outsourcing customer support we had lots of questions. Super satisfied to say the least. "

– Director of Customer Success at Vizilib

Lead Gen, Data

"At first, as a mid-size business owner, outsourcing lead generation was scary. In the last six months, with FHG, we have been able to focus on selling and closing more business with the leads FHG sent us than we did last year. I was really impressed by the process and how well they support our sales teams. Highly recommend trying FHG's lead generation and data services!"

– VP of Sales at FeedMe

Email & Live Chat, After Hours Support

"As a small business, we all wear a few different hats here. Taking customer service off of our plates really made us more efficient and more profitable. Finally, we have cleaned out the backlog and we can focus on growing our business. Since FHG manages our customer support, we have seen our first response time lower to an average of just under 3 minutes, while also having 94% positive customer feedback. Simply insane!"

– Director of Customer Success at ClassPass

Salesforce Implementation, Integration

"Let's be honest, implementing large-scale salesforce systems aren't easy. We deployed a full system including a service cloud with customer account management and case management, and we're continually expanding. It's been a huge improvement and FHG has been with us the entire way. A great team of quality people that really helped us unlock another level."

– VP of Customer Support at DNA Consulting

Not just clients, but partners.

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