CyrusOne Case Study


Migrate from Microsoft CRM to Salesforce


Salesforce Implementation


Using Salesforce full potential to fit their business needs

CyrusOne is an enterprise data center provider located in Dallas, Texas. They are dedicated to increasing the availability and efficiency of business applications and data for global businesses. CyrusOne has 25 data facilities and offers the highest power redundancy and power-density infrastructure.


CyrusOne was using Microsoft Dynamics CRM but found that it was not flexible enough to fit their specific business needs and was hard to maintain. Microsoft CRM was making it difficult for CyrusOne to run all the reports they needed and they were unable to integrate with other applications without an expert programmer. Colleagues at CyrusOne had previously used Salesforce and they knew that Salesforce would be easier to manage, allowing them to automate their business processes, provide more reporting capabilities, and provide increased security. Knowing this, CyrusOne decided to migrate from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Salesforce Unlimited Edition with 55 licenses.


In order to ensure a successful implementation, FHG began the implementation process with a series of discovery calls with CyrusOne to understand their business needs and what they required from Salesforce. FHG talked with heads of different departments to understand their individual department needs so that we could create a solution that would work for all departments. We then set up and customized Salesforce, working with CyrusOne along the way to ensure their satisfaction. In order to export CyrusOne’s data from their Microsoft CRM database, we worked with a Microsoft CRM consultant. We helped the Microsoft CRM consultant understand CyrusOne’s data and we figured out how to export it out of Microsoft CRM. After spending hours helping the consultant, we were able to export CyrusOne’s data and import it into Salesforce. Once the implementation was complete and CyrusOne was using Salesforce, FHG trained all of their Salesforce users in small classes on how to use Salesforce and on Salesforce best practices. A few weeks after the training sessions were completed, FHG held follow-up Q&A sessions to answer any questions users had after they had been using Salesforce for a longer period of time.


CyrusOne is actively using Salesforce and it is customized and automated to fit their business needs. The data from Microsoft CRM was successfully imported into their Salesforce database. Salesforce provides better reporting capabilities, allowing CyrusOne to run reports on all of their data. CyrusOne has improved security measures and can easily manage their security settings. Users are trained on Salesforce best practices and are able to maximize their Salesforce usage

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