Elemis Case Study


Lack of email marketing strategy


Email Marketing


B2C database grew from 9,000 subscribers to 70,000 subscribers

Elemis is an industry leader when it comes to anti-aging skincare, but they know that when it comes to skincare, you need more than just quality products. They know that their success depends on providing the best possible service to their customers. Although they were growing rapidly, the company knew that they could do better. They had ambitious goals and great products, but something was holding them back.

The marketing team at this company knew that their customer engagement wasn’t up to par with their competitors and it was hurting sales and conversions. Elemis’s email marketing was suffering from a lack of strategy. They were sending emails with little to no segmentation, causing most of their audience to unsubscribe.


Audrey and her team knew they needed help, but they didn’t have time or resources for an internal solution. They needed someone who could take over their email marketing efforts so that it would be easy to manage on top of their other daily responsibilities. They also know that it’s difficult for them to provide this high level of customer service without help. That’s why they turned to FHG Marketing Group—to give them a helping hand with email marketing, database management and campaign strategy.


The Elemis team decided to partner with FHG as their dedicated email service provider (ESP) that seamlessly became a part of their marketing team. FHG helps Elemis create and run email campaigns with professionally created content that will interest buyers to visit the website. With FHG automated workflows and powerful reporting tools, Elemis saw immediate results in lead generation and sales conversions. Now they can engage customers with highly personalized emails at scale while tracking open rates, click-through rates, bounce rate percentage, etc., which allows them to optimize each campaign based on performance metrics rather than guessing what will get results.


By working with FHG, Elemis has been able to grow from 9,000 people on their B2C database to over 70,000 people across multiple countries and markets. The team now helps with marketing for US B2B as well as US and UK B2C audiences. As a result, Elemis is able to handle more programs and campaigns at once while sending higher volumes of emails than before. This allows them better insight into how these emails are performing so they can make future improvements.

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