OnSolve Case Study


Shortage with implementation staff


Customer experience


Better customer experience and capability to bring more clients during peak season

Two years ago, OnSolve, the industry leader reached out to FHG for help with onboarding new clients during their peak season. January and February are the busiest months for OnSolve as they are onboarding hundreds of new clients. They needed a quick and simple way to scale their Implementation team.

Their decision to hire a fully dedicated team for customer experience has helped them think and act for the betterment of the company in the long run. Fully dedicated teams helped the OnSolve Implementation department with onboarding hundreds of new clients while following OnSolves’s processes and providing an elevated customer experience.


OnSolve’s shortage of Implementation staff has been going on for a while. They simply couldn’t hire and train people just for their peak season. Due to the overload of the Implementation team, other departments were affected as well. Sales team was not able to bring as many clients as they want since every new client must be onboarded by an implementation specialist. This was negatively affecting the company’s bottom line at this point.


After learning more about OnSolve’s problem, we came up with the proposal to integrate one fully dedicated team with OnSolve’s internal Implementation team. This would take off the extra load from in house teams and allow them to focus on providing extraordinary experience rather than onboarding as many clients as possible and jeopardizing the relationship with the clients.


After a couple of weeks of training, our dedicated team was able to hit the ground running. In just couple of weeks, we were able to see the significant improvements in onboarding experience and allow sales team to bring more new customers than ever before. Additionally, OnSolve has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by not paying the overtime to their in-house teams. The satisfaction and retention within their Implementation teams has also sky rocketed since they didn’t have to work double shifts during peak season, and they could have better work life balance. What started as one-time partnership quickly became a long-term partnership that has helped OnSolve save money and time with our quickly scalable teams.

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