The Good and Bad of Lead Generation Outsourcing!

Outsourcing is common for all businesses nowadays. Every company wishes to outsource its service to save time for other core functions. Since the outsourced partner is experienced and helps to deliver splendid support to customers, companies do not hesitate to outsource. This advantageous prospect is explored by many business process outsourcing companies offering such services.

Talking about outsourcing the lead generation service, there are some pros and cons that come along. Lead generation plays a crucial role in boosting business services, which is why its significance is optimum.

When we talk about lead generation, we must describe leads.

Leads are information about the potential customers/prospects who search about the business service. When a person contacts or searches about your business-related services, she/he is your potential lead.

Lead generation is the process where marketers try to connect to the prospect or customer through emails, calls, and texts. When the agent is successful in influencing the lead to buy the business service/product, they turn leads into business loyal customers.

Moving on to outsourcing perks and drawbacks for lead generation, here we pen down the good and bad, check out:

The perquisites of outsourcing lead generation services:

  • Outsourcing lead generation to an experienced partner, you can save time and effort of the employees. The saved time can be beneficial in making strategies for business development tasks.
  • Outsourcing lead generation, there is no need to hire and train a team of agents over productive functions. When there is no need to invest in hiring and training, it saves time and cost.
  • Outsourcing helps the business to be free of attrition issues.
  • Getting an external partner at support, regular technology updates and training are not the headaches of the business. The outsourced partner is already aware of the latest trends to integrate into business operations.
  • Reduces dependency.
  • Getting an external partner there is no need to stick to monthly payments but you only have to pay for the services your business takes.
  • Outsourcing helps to focus on closing sales.
  • Makes expertise available on-board and that too in budget. Hiring in-house is expensive; however, outsourcing to professionals, your business saves huge capital.

The drawbacks of outsourcing lead generation:

  • Your outsourcing companies’ experts may have less knowledge about your business-specific field. To avoid this threat, it is vital to outsource to a partner having domain-expertise in your business-specific field. Like, for lead generation outsourcing, look for a partner having work experience in the same field. It is irrelevant to regret after finalizing a wrong partner.
  • After outsourcing, you cannot monitor each update and employee, which sometimes leads to a lack of business control. To avoid any such situation, check your partners’ communication patterns before outsourcing. Make sure they promise to be clear with communication systems e.g.: Communication through emails, messages, video chat, calls, etc. In case you have an offshore partner, the communication check becomes more crucial.
  • Outsourcing the lead generation process, there is a risk of the partner working for several other companies. In such a scenario, there is an increased threat of depreciating focus on business operations.

Although outsourcing brings several advantages to business operations, there has to be a strategy for everything for optimum results.

Companies feel that lead generation services are better-taken care in-house, as it helps to keep a check on functionalities in an improved manner. Although in-house functions are good, outsourcing nowhere means a threat to the business service.

Even in-house lead generation processing brings some cons. Check out as we list the pros and cons to in-house lead generation processing:


  • Increased control of business operations as in-house experts take care of tasks.
  • Tracking and monitoring functions are easy.
  • No threat to data security.
  • No threat of a lack of communication with time difference issues.


  • You handle all your employees and have to handle the hassle of attrition, hiring and training.
  • Cost increases as the need for infrastructure are also there.
  • Hiring experts is expensive, which is unbearable for start-ups.

Take a step back and look at the pros and cons of both in-house and outsourced lead generation services. Checking the good and bad of both the offerings, you can easily decide the best for your business depending on the necessities.

Wrap Up:

When businesses run through their list of outsourcing considerations, lead generation services are not supreme of all. Companies generally opt to take care of lead generation in-house.

As we talked above, there are pros and cons to everything, so does it have for lead generation.

To finalize which is correct, consider the advantages and disadvantages of both to find the balance. As per my considerations, outsourcing is good and is nowhere a threat because it saves cost and time for the organization.

After all, which company would deny saving capital expenses?

Thanks for reading!

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